Wanderlust Collection 2018

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Kbshimmer Rise & Grind

Rise & Grind Did you know that California has 4 of the top 15 coffee consuming cities in th..


Kbshimmer Succ It Up

Succ It Up As a lover of succulents, it was amazing to see them growing outside! The many types..


Kbshimmer Don't Fear The Reefer Mint

Don't Fear The Reefer Mint It is a sweet smell that many recognize from their college days. Now..


Kbshimmer Now & Zen

Now & Zen  Walking down the coast, with the waves crashing, the gulls flying, and dogs runn..


Kbshimmer Cactus If You Can

Cactus If You Can The plant life in California is breathtaking, especially to someone that live..


Kbshimmer Meet Me At The Barre

Meet Me At The Barre When gathering with friends, the local bar is often the first place that i..