Prism Polish UK I'm The Only Like Me

New Prism Polish UK I'm The Only Like Me

"Are all No-Majs like you?"
"No, I'm the only one like me"

There's only one like this tri-thermal polish!  Changing with your body temperature from purple (cold) to blue/purple to bright pink (hot) this polish is also filled with purple/pink/green colour shifting shimmer, as well as purple/blue/green iridescent flakies.  This polish is super stunning when it catches the light with all of the shifts and shimmer, and so reactive that every time you look at your nails you'll see a different colour!

Opaque in 3 coats.

Please note that thermal polishes have an average transitioning life of 9 - 12 months and after this period may require exposure to more extreme temperatures to change colour and then may stop transitioning at all.  This is perfectly normal and your polish will still be perfectly safe to use. But we do recommend that you keep your thermal polish in a cool, dark place to help preserve it's shelf life!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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