Opulence Shades

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Picture Polish Bardot

  Bardot was created in 2015 and falls withing Opulence shades.  French in every way..


Picture Polish Bridget

  Bridget was launched in 2014 and falls within Opluence Shades.  Inspired by o..


Picture Polish Darcy

  Darcy was launched in 2014 (was 623) and falls within Opulence Shades Style: Inspired by ..

Picture Polish Fancy New

Picture Polish Fancy

piCture pOlish FANCY est. 2018Fancy can be described as 'peony pink' in colour.  The ..


Picture Polish Florence

  piCture pOlish FLORENCE est. 2018Florence can be described as 'tuscan orange' in..

Picture Polish Fresh New

Picture Polish Fresh

piCture pOlish FRESH est. 2018...Collaboration shade created with Regina_arg in Regina's w..


Picture Polish Grace

  Keep away from heat, flame & children, store in a cool and dry place away from di..


Picture Polish Jewels

  JEWELS   Jewels can be described as 'fuchsia pink to violet' in colour.  ..


Picture Polish Lizzie

  Lizzie was launched in 2014 and falls within Opluence Shades.  Inspired ..


Picture Polish Mishap (Discontinued)

  Mishap was created in 2016 and falls withing Opulence shades.    ..


Picture Polish Monroe

  Monroe was launched in 2012 and falls within Opluence Shades.  A glamoro..


Picture Polish Peacock

  Peacock was launched in 2013 and falls within Opluence Shades.  Just a little..


Picture Polish Pharaoh (Discontinued)

  Pharaoh was created in 2015 (similar to 604) and falls within Opulence shades.  Ph..

Picture Polish Princess New

Picture Polish Princess

piCture pOlish PRINCESS est. 2018Princess can be described as 'soft pink' in colour. ..


Picture Polish Saphira

  Saphira was created in 2015  Keep away from heat, flame & children, store..