Picture Polish Jelly Stamper Kit (Discontinued)

Picture Polish Jelly Stamper Kit (Discontinued)
Jelly Stamper Kit was launched in 2016 and falls within Nail Art Style: A translucent squishy jelly stamper with scraper plus 1 x jelly head refill for extra value... Use: Just perfect for beginners to professionals alike. The head is very squishy which makes it easy to reach the whole nail in one go. The jelly head measures 2.7 cm and the stamper handle measures 5 cm plus the protective cap can be used as a holder for your stamper whilst stamping. Care Instructions: Keep away from children and animals. Store your stamper in a container away from dust. Before use please clean the jelly head with sticky tape or lint roller and after use to remove any excess nail polish. Please do not use neat acetone, acetone or non-acetone nail polish removers or file or use abrasives on the jelly head or stamper handle/base. Please only remove the jelly head when changing to your refill and please take care whilst replacing as the jelly head is delicate. Very Important: If nail polish ends up on the stamper handle/base it cannot be removed so please be careful when you are stamping to ensure this does not happen and please do not try to remove it with neat acetone, acetone or non-acetone nail polish removers as it will not work. Please note: Made in China.

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