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A England Return To Manderley Maxim

Maxim Very sophisticated cayenne brownish red.Wealthy, mature, secretive and unemotional own..


Emily De Molly The Greater Good

BASE- A turquoise shimmer base with copper flakesGLITTER- N/AOPAQUE- in 2 to 32 coats depending..


Emily De Molly Triple Trouble

BASE-  A purple holo with iridescent flakes.GLITTER- N/AOPAQUE- in 1 to 2 coats depending on ap..


Emily De Molly Version of Truth

BASE - A dusty  lavender ( warm ) to dusty pink ( cold ) thermal with green to pink shifti..


Emily De Molly The World Belongs To Us

BASE- A teal green base with pink / copper / gold shifting shimmer and copper flakes.GLITTER- N/AOPA..


Emily De Molly Electric Arc

BASE - A light neutral holo with a light icy blue magnetic effect.THE MAGNETIC EFFECT IS V..


Emily De Molly Midlife Crisis

BASE - A reddish base with lime to pink shifting foil type shimmerGLITTER - N/AOPAQUE ..


Emily De Molly Glitters Reign

BASE - A dark purple base with copper shimmerGLITTER - Holographic silver micro glitt..


Emily De Molly LE 113

BASE - A pale lilac with iridescent flakes.GLITTER - Iridescent and gold micro glitters.OP..


Emily De Molly LE 111

BASE - A dark green with a gold to green magnetic effect and pale blue shimmers.GLITTER&nb..


Emily De Molly LE 112

BASE - A dark purple with blue foil shimmer and orange iridescent flakes.GLITTER - N/AOPAQ..


Emily De Molly The Calm One

BASE - A dusty peach with gold micro flakes.GLITTER - N/AOPAQUE - in 1 to 2..


Emily De Molly Ill Fated

BASE - A bright red ( warm ) to dark brown ( cold ) thermal with gold flakiesThis polish i..


Blush Lacquer Vanora Horizon

Vanora Horizon is an olive toned lime base with a pink to orange shifting shimmer and shifts of gold..


Blush Lacquer Ocean Moonbeam

Ocean Moonbeam is a dusty dark teal base with a blue to purple shifting shimmer and shifts of red an..