KBShimmer Double Pog Dare You

KBShimmer Double Pog Dare You


From playground games like Pog, to gross games shows like Double Dare, kids of the 90’s loved to have fun doing crazy things. Double Pog Dare  You, a vibrant sky blue shade, reminds me of the crazy colored sets of game shows, with its near neon hue, this electric shade is a summer must have.

The All The Bright Moves collection consists of 6, juicy shades that are almost crelly like in formula. These shockingly bright shades are inspired by the late 80's and early 90's of my childhood.  Each covers well in 2 coats without a white base, but those with longer nails may prefer 3 coats.

Like many bright blues, we strongly suggest a base coat to prevent staining.  Our own testing with Fillin' Groovy showed no staining, but we have had reports of staining when worn without base coats.

Type: Cream
Collection: All The Bright Moves
Glitter Load: N/A
Glitter Size: N/A
Recommended Coats: 2 Coats
Notes: This vibrant polish is so near neon in color it can freak out the cameras.  Monitors can show colors differently then they are in person, but each neon shade in the All The Bright Moves collection is bright and vibrant.



Swatch courtesy of DelishiousNails



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