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Burne-Jones Dream


Burne-Jones Dream Collection 

Hardwarding nail varnish collection with distinctive gloss inspired by the enchanting spirit of England and its myth through unusual and sophisticated shades

Three Free & Crulty Free 



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A England Burne Jones Dream Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty

 Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty: A scattered scarlet holographic lacquer Swatch courte..


A England Burne Jones Dream Briarwood

 Briarwood: A scattered reddish brown holographic lacquer. Swatches courtesy of At..


A England Burne Jones Dream Rose Bower

 Rose Bower: A deep rosy red lacquer with a subtle holographic effect. Swatch cour..


A England Burne Jones Dream Sleeping Palace

 Sleeping Palace: A deep plum lacquer with multicolored holographic particles Swat..