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Beach Bunny

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Blush Lacquer Banana Boat Float

 Banana Boat Float is a soft butter yellow with a glowy white-ish blue shimmer and a sparkl..


Blush Lacquer My Beach Umbrella-ella-ella

 My Beach Umbrella-ella-ella is a periwinkle with a pinkish-purple shimmer and a sparkling ..


Blush Lacquer Surfboard

 Surfboard: Surfboard is a teal base with a green shimmer and a sparkling touch of holo pig..


Blush Lacquer Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini

 Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini is a squishy barbie doll pink jelly base with a shifting red-purpl..


Blush Lacquer Vintage Vinyl

 Vintage Vinyl is a soft ballerina pink base with a red to green shifting shimmer and a spa..