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Lacquester Pornflakes Gloriana New

Lacquester Pornflakes Gloriana

Pornflakes Gloriana Super Interference Chrome Flakie top coat with a color shift from red to orange..

Lacquester B's Belle New

Lacquester B's Belle

B's Belle A stunning darkened purplish/red base with contrasting copper shimmer and holograpic..

Lacquester Gr00t New

Lacquester Gr00t

Gr00tA gorgeous grey crem base with lots of aqua/green hex glitter. Inspired by a dear friend l..

Lacquester Matriarch New

Lacquester Matriarch

Matriarch An amazing washed out dark grey/blue holographic base with multichomr color shift and..

Lacquester Screaming Brownie Murder New

Lacquester Screaming Brownie Murder

Screaming Brownie MurderA super duper dark brown base with a gorgeous electric blue shimmer. Op..

Lacquester BbRlOuWeN (Blue in Brown) New

Lacquester BbRlOuWeN (Blue in Brown)

BbRlOuWeN (Blue in Brown)A super pretty greyish brown creme base with a stunning electric blue shim..

Lacquester Violets Are Blue (UP shade) New

Lacquester Violets Are Blue (UP shade)

Violets Are Blue Violets are Blue C4N OG UP Custom is an amazing blue/purple base with lots of..

Lacquester Smoke Screen New

Lacquester Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen A taupe, sometimes mauve, other times grey or brownish, polish with a red/golden s..


Lacquester Leave No Purple Behind

Leave No Purple Behind A purple polish with blue shimmer. It looks different depending on the l..


Lacquester Dark Noise of Turquoise

Dark Noise of Turquoise A super pretty dark green/blue base filled with lots of multi chrome c..


Lacquester PornFlakes Boulevard of Broken Dreams

A Super Interference Chrome Flakie topcoat. The HYPE at the moment. Get them while they are hot..


Lacquester PonderLing

PonderLing is a blue/green creme based polish with color shifting sparkles in blue/purple and g..


Lacquester Barbie's Revenge

Barbie's Revenge A very bright pink with a gorgeous holographic finish. 11ml ..


Lacquester Poseidon's Patch

Poseidon's Patch A bright blue teal with a strong holographic finish.11ml ..


Lacquester Red Move Your Head

Red Move Your Head A very bright red/magenta with a strong holographic finish. 11ml ..