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2017 Multi Chromes

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KBShimmer Chroma Chameleon

 Chroma Chameleon is a vibrant shifting shade that morphs from a bright fuchsia pink, to a ..


KBShimmer Flip Flop Hooray

 This shifty shade starts with a rich emerald green, which morphs into shades of teal and n..


KBShimmer Iridescent Exposure

 Iridescent Exposure is a complex color shifting shade that starts with a dusty teal color...


KBShimmer It's A Blazing

 It’s A Blazing is warm toned polish with an awe inspiring color shift reminiscent of fall...


KBShimmer Puns and Roses

 Puns And Roses is a soft shade that starts by showing off a rosy pink color. As your viewi..


KBShimmer Wine Not?

 More complex than the finest wine, at first look you see a warm burgundy shade, then you n..