Dance Legend

Dance Legend


Dance Legend is professional Russian nail polish brand. The history starts from 2000 when we made first nail polish that was shinning in the UV light. This effect was patented in Russia. Later we decide to make formula better and now a lot of salons in Russia use our nail polish. We always try to create new great colors and interesting effects! In our range we already have thermo nail polish, a nail polish that changes color on the sun, magnetic nail polish, sand effect nail polish, holographic nail polish, matte nail polish and a lot of another shades!

All our nail polishes are Big3Free. Together we will make world more beautiful!



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Dance Legend Termo Mini No.9 Fly By Night

  Fly By Night: When warm, the polish is a bright raspberry that becomes dark purple wh..


Dance Legend Termo Trio No.1

  Termo Trio 1 consists from 3 colors: warm - light blue, middle - pink, cold - violet...


Dance Legend Top Magnetic

  Top Magnetic A clear-based topcoat polish filled with silver shimmer. When activated ..