Fan Collection 2018

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Cadillacquer Gold Rush

  Gold Rush:Dark Blue/teal jelly filled with small chartreuse metallic glitter.Created in co..


Cadillacquer Devotion

  Devotion:Dark Purple with magenta shimmer and glowing gold galaxy holo glitterCreated in c..


Cadillacquer From The Ashes

  From The Ashes:Light greyish blue holo filled with gold metallic, orange, red and matte ma..


Cadillacquer BSoD

  BSoD: Blue jelly filled with different sized white glitter Created in collaboration with..


Cadillacquer Odette

  Odette:Grey-leaning white scattered holo with different size silver metallic glitter.Creat..


Cadillacquer Princess Swan

  Princess Swan:Light blue crelly, slightly gray leaning, with small red metallic glitter an..