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Dance Legend Mystery Chimera - 02

  Chimera   Mystery Collection   A metallic finish polish with predomi..


Dance Legend Mystery Essence - 12

  Essence Mystery Collection   A gray tinted base filled with small flakies ..


Dance Legend Mystery Firewalker - 09

  Firewalker   Mystery Collection   An overall color of gold-bronze-ol..


Dance Legend Mystery Fushigi - 04

  Fushigi   Mystery Collection   A vibrant blue metallic duochrome sho..


Dance Legend Mystery Ghost Inside - 06

  Ghost Inside Mystery Collection   A golden-green metallic duochrome with s..


Dance Legend Mystery Hell Money - 07

  Hell Money   Mystery Collection   Tiny multichrome flakes that give ..


Dance Legend Mystery Invocation - 08

  Invocation   Mystery Collection   Filled with mutli-chrome flakes th..


Dance Legend Mystery Supernatural - 11

  Supernatural Mystery Collection   Filled with multi-chrome flakes that car..


Dance Legend Mystery Teliko - 01

  Teliko Mystery Collection   Cool gray metallic polish with foil-like finis..


Dance Legend Mystery Unrequited - 10

  Unrequited Mystery Collection Filled with multi-chrome flakes that carry colors ..