2017 Winter Collection

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Colors By Llarowe CBL Topaz Fire

  Topaz FireDeep blurple prismatic glowing holographic with lavender flame. Finish with a go..


Colors By Llarowe CBL Plum Ready For Summer

  Plum Ready For SummerA medium plum with a glowing prismatic holographic finish and a stron..


Colors By Llarowe CBL Mean Mr. Grinch

  Mean Mr. GrinchDeep blackened copper multichrome that shifts from deep green to copper to ..


Colors By Llarowe CBL Layer Cake

  Layer CakeA sheer violet jelly base topper with copper/red to green flake. It can be built..


Colors By Llarowe CBL Parade of Lights

  Parade of LightsDeep navy multichrome that shifts from deep navy to royal blue to bright g..