Creative Stamper Set (Special Promo)

Out Of Stock Creative Stamper Set (Special Promo)
Creative Stamper Set Special Promo 1 Stamper + Scraper + 2 Stamper Heads User Instructions: 1. Pickup image by gently rolling stamper over stamping plate. 2. To scrape excess polish, use shorter side of the scraper. 3. Do not push the stamper into free edge of the nail, it can damage the silicone. 4. Store stamper in a clean, dry place, away from sharp objects. 5. If you are having difficulty picking up images with stamper after some use, place stamper in a sealed plastic bag, or prime with a "magic easer" 6. Clean stamper by rolling over tape, or sticky lint roller, do NOT us nail polish remover. 7. Clean scraper by wiping with nail polish remover. Do Not use 100% acetone though.

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