Mitty Clean Pro Flat

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Clean Pro Flat

The Clean Pro flat brush is perfectly shaped and balanced. The premium quality bristles allow you  to clean with ease and precision. The bristles are just the correct firmness, ensuring precise strokes. The brush simply fits into the contours of your hand, you feel the quality.

We think this is the best quality, easy to use Clean Up brush available. We tested hundreds of designs and materials from all over the world. You won't be disappointed when you use this brush, promise.


Clean Pro flat is 100% Kolinsky FREE. Mitty developed this clean up brush with multiple suppliers utilising the finest quality synthetic bristles available. The body is made from responsibly sourced farmed Cyprus. Help Mitty stop animal cruelty by not using Kolinsky brushes, just say NO.


Mitty brushes have so many Instagram reviews, everyone loves Mitty brushes. Just head over to the reviews page to see just a few. Or Check out our Instagram @mitty_burns


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