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24 March - 15 April

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2017 Summer Vacation

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KBShimmer Berry Chill

 Oh so sweet, and a tad tart, lips and fingers stained from berries, Berry Chill, a red lea..


KBShimmer Flock This Way

 As a child, there was nothing better than weekends at the lake. Our family followed the fl..


KBShimmer Hashtag You're It!

 Before the days of social media, kids played outside. Kick the can, hide and seek, and a f..


KBShimmer I'm Onxy

 On a clear black night, with millions of stars in the sky, a summer song emerges from the ..


KBShimmer Kiwi Real

 There are days when you just crave those sweet summer salads filled with slices of oranges..


KBShimmer No Wave!

 For some, the pool was the place to cool down. Those turquoise waters, shimmering aqua blu..


KBShimmer Shady Beaches

 The sand, the sun, the self-tanner mistakes, ah summer in collage was so much fun! This co..


KBShimmer Squeeze The Day

 When the weather gets hot, we reach for something refreshing to cool down. And what is mor..