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2016 Winter/Holiday Collection

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KBShimmer Bling In The New Year

  Bling In The New Year Shiny silver hats, half glasses of gold champagne, noise makers ..


KBShimmer Get To The Poinsettia

  Get To The Poinsettia This linear holographic red polish just screams holiday! As red ..


KBShimmer Haute Mess

  Haute Mess You can’t walk through a Vegas casino without seeing glittery stilettos on ..


KBShimmer Just Duvet It

  Just Duvet It Admit it, some winter days, calling in sick, snuggling up with your favo..


KBShimmer Ornamentally Flawless

  Ornamentally Flawless Like the jewel toned ornaments that decorated the trees of many ..


KBShimmer Royal To A Fault

  Royal To A Fault Our favorite shows and books are often filled with one thing, two face..


KBShimmer Soot and Ladders

  Soots and Ladders   Well past bedtime, nothing lighting the room but the twinkl..


KBShimmer Take Me For Granite

  Take Me For Granite Last winter, the first snow as sovering the asphalt, and all I cou..


KBShimmer The Holy Kale

  The Holy Kale You cannot go to most eateries without seeing kale on the menu. This lea..


KBShimmer Whiskey Business

  Whiskey Business This warm, golden yellow is ideal for those that love warmer, metalli..


KBShimmer Yeti Or Not

  Yeti Or Not What the most fashionable Yeti’s are wearing, this pale gray polish is loa..