Bees Knees

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Bee's Knees #justiceforbarb

  #justiceforbarb: A wine to red to copper to gold multichrome with holo micro flakes.NOTE: ..


Bee's Knees #mulletforsuperman

  #mulletforsuperman: Inspired by Superman (and Mr. Sunday Movies), this is a matte black po..


Bee's Knees All Dinosaurs Feared the T-Rex

  All Dinosaurs Feared the T-Rex-a black jelly base with red magnetic shimmer and flakes tha..


Bee's Knees Azura

  Azura: (UH-zur-rah) - The Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn, Azura gives her champion a star..


Bee's Knees Bitten By a Radioactive Shar Pei

  Bitten by a Radioactive Shar Pei- a simple blood red crelly because you use club soda to g..


Bee's Knees Blorange (March Cotm) '

  Blorange: a mid-toned navy blue with a glowing orange shimmer and iridescent flakes that s..


Bee's Knees Boethiah

  Boethiah: (bow-EETH-ee-ah) - The Daedric Prince of deceit and treachery, Boethiah is one o..


Bee's Knees Cat Island (April Cotm)

  Cat Island - This is a gray multichrome magnetic polish with a yellow gold magnetic shimme..


Bee's Knees Cheer or Fear?

  Cheer or Fear?: Inspired by Belsnickel, this is a whiskey amber polish with scattered holo..


Bee's Knees Coolest Name Ever

  Coolest Name Ever-inspired by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, this is a dusky cornflower blue w..


Bee's Knees Dart

  Dart: Named after the somewhat cute, somewhat horrifying D'Artagnan (whose name was gratef..


Bee's Knees Don't Make the Suit Animated

  Don't Make the Suit Animated: Inspired by the last member of the Justice League, Green Lan..


Bee's Knees Fa La La La La La La Ka-Ching

  Fa La La La La La La Ka-Ching: A smoky mauve with linear holo and pink to purple color sh..


Bee's Knees He Likes It Cold

  He Likes it Cold: nspired by the Mindflayer, this is a blackened turquoise with violet shi..


Bee's Knees Henrietta

  Henrietta: Inspired by the cutest porcupine ever, this is a greige creme with linear holo ..