Bee's Knees

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Bee's Knees Spike

SpikeA pale mint green full of opalescent shimmer. ..


Bee's Knees Rarity

RarityA white that glows with opalescent shimmer giving it a mother of pearl effect...


Bee's Knees Banshees Are In

Banshees Are In A black based jelly with green to blue sibling unicorn pee and peach to lime green m..


Bee's Knees I Am Yours

I Am Yours An almost 1 coat multichrome (depending on how thick the coat is) that shifts red/or..


Bee's Knees Mermaid You Look (May COTM)

  Mermaid You Look (Faith's pick)-a mid-toned teal crelly with orange to green aurora shimme..


Bee's Knees All Dinosaurs Feared the T-Rex

  All Dinosaurs Feared the T-Rex-a black jelly base with red magnetic shimmer and flakes tha..


Bee's Knees Jotunn (Exclusive)

  Jotunn: a stunning multichrom that shifts from a deep burgundy red to copper to gold to gr..


Bee's Knees The Ritual (Exclusive)

  The Ritual: a cool purple based scattered holographic packed with pink to gold shifting mi..