The Legend


The Legend Collection 

Hardwarding nail varnish collection with distinctive gloss inspired by the enchanting spirit of England and its myth through unusual and sophisticated shades. 

Three Free & crulty free. 



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A England The Legends Saint George

Saint George: A rich teal scattered holpgraphic lacquer. Swatch courtesy of Penelope Luz & Point..


A England The Legends Order of the Garter (Discontinued)

Order of Garter: A royal blue lacquer with royal blue shimmer Swatch courtesy of PointlessCafe ..


A England The Legends Dragon

Dragon: A green holographic lacquer with copper-gold duochrome shimmer. Swatch courtesy of Point..


A England The Legends Ascalon (Discontinued)

Ascalon: A grey holographic base lacquer with purple/blue/green flashes. Swatch courtesy of Poin..