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Heavenly Quotes collection.

A new concept that is on the cusp of becoming a running thread in a-england's tapestry, 'Heavenly Quotes' will draw its inspiration from well-known words through the ages.

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A England Heavenly Quote Into The Rose Garden

Into the Rose GardenHologram with additional iridescent glimmer. Brilliant Rose ..


A England Heavenly Quotes The Blessed Damozel

The Blesses Damozel (description coming soon) 11ml..


A England Heavenly Quotes Love Is Enough (Discontinued)

Love Is Enough: A sparkly golden foil lacquer with olive green undertones. Swatch courtesy of Poin..


A England Heavenly Quotes She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty: A clear base lacquer with pale gold & rose pink glitters. Swatch courtesy of ..


A England Heavenly Quotes And the Moonbeams (Discontinued)

And the Moonbeams: A clear base lacquer with gold glitter. Perfect to use as a glitter topper. Swa..