2017 All The Bright Moves

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KBShimmer All The Bright Moves

  I am not sure what is more embarrassing, my neon three tiered skirt with layered socks, or..


KBShimmer Double Pog Dare You

  From playground games like Pog, to gross games shows like Double Dare, kids of the 90’s lo..


KBShimmer Let's Be Frank

  I cannot image my childhood without Lisa Frank. Unicorns, dolphins, and any sort of girly ..


KBShimmer Please Don't Glow Girl

  Boy bands got a huge start in the 80’s, with groups like NKOTB driving tweens crazy. Neon ..


KBShimmer Races Against Slime

  Slime was everywhere as a kid, from kids getting slimed on game shows, to glowing green gh..