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Lilypad Juicy Lips

  Juicy Lips   Swatch courtesy of IG@Spectaculacquer    15ml&nb..


Lilypad Nice As Spice

  Nice as Spice: neutral holo base with shimmeries and copper sparks.  Swatch courte..


Lilypad Pink Sherbet

  Pink Sherbet  Swatch courtesy of LaBulledeBidi    15ml ..


Lilypad Pinkle

  Pinkle is a pinkish red/violet polish  Swatch courtesy of AlmostFamousNails &..


Lilypad Rosebud

  Rosebud: pinkish red magenta like holo with some sterling silver flakies  Swatch c..


Lilypad Sassy

  Sassy: pinkish red shimmer holo with sterling silver flakes  Swatch courtesy of Al..


Lilypad Shroom

  Shroom: dirty khaki creme   Swatch courtesy of SerenityNails    ..


Lilypad Steeling Blue

  Steeling Blue is a deep steel blue holographic polish  Swatch courtesy of Eve..


Lilypad To Dream

  To Dream: red to copper to bronze shifter with ultra micro sterling flakies  Swatc..


Lilypad Wildfire

  Wildfire: bright orange with orange flakies. Swatch courtesy of AlmostFamousNails ..


Lilypad Wildflower

  Wildflower     Swatch courtesy of IG@fortheloveofodd    ..


Marcia Lima American Pie

  American Pie: A multi-color holograghic glitter lacquer.   12ml ..


Marcia Lima Electric Kiwi

  Electric Kiwi: A green holographic glitter lacquer.     12ml ..


Marcia Lima Heart of the Ocean

  Heart of the Ocean: A blue/purple holographic glitter lacquer.  Swatch courtesy of..


Penelope Luz Ahimsa

  Ahimsa is a term that defines the non-violence and respect for all beings, is a religious-..